Davis Chinese Film Festival
California International Film Festival

2018 California International Film Festival and Davis Chinese Film Festival

Live Screenings
Screenplay / Writing Contest
Music / Songwriting Contest
Photography Contest
Online Festival / Awards Event

California International Film Festival received strong supports from faculties across multiple campuses of University of California system Actors and actresses, directors etc. from film industry and academic from China and other country will attend this festival and participate in forum and awarding ceremony Awards & Prizes.
  • Best director
  • Best main actor and actress
  • Best young director
  • Best young actor and actress
  • Best music
  • Best documentary
  • Special contribution
  • Best short film
  • Best student award
  • Rules & Terms
  1. Entries must be original productions.
  2. Entries may be narrative, documentary, experimental, and/or animated films. There is no restriction on the subject.
  3. Entries cannot be pornographic in nature and must not violate the laws.
  4. Applicants are obligated to maintain the legal status of the submitted entries. In the event of a legal dispute (such as copyright infringement), the applicants will assume full responsibility and bear all costs of the dispute, including but not limited to legal fees.
  5. Applicants must hold submitted entries’ copyright or have proof that they are authorized to promote, screen, and participate in the DCFF and the CIFF

Dates & Deadlines

May 8, 2018 Opening Date
September 30, 2018 Deadline
October 15, 2018 Notification Date

About DCFF

Davis Chinese Film Festival (DCFF) is hosted by Davis Chinese Film Festival Foundation (DCFFF). DCFFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which was estabilished in January 2014. The EIN of DCFFF is 46-4735828. All staff at DCFFF are volunteers.


• To develop friendship between peoples of the United States and China, and to become an annual celebration event to make Davis a better community to live in
• To encourage creative activities to the highest standards. In the meantime, to create opportunities for collaboration in the Sino-US film industry

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